January 2020

The Reserved Matters for the first phase of residential development at High Leigh Garden Village has now been registered by Broxbourne Borough Council. All the of relevant documents are available online by searching here: http://planning.broxbourne.gov.uk/Planning/lg/GFPlanningWelcome.page and using the application reference 07/20/0046/RM.

October 2019

Lands Improvement has formed a joint venture with Taylor Wimpey to deliver 350 homes at High Leigh Garden Village in Hoddesdon. For more information and to view a full copy of the statement please click here

12th April 2019

During the week of the 15th April, we will install the high voltage electricity cables into the ducts that were previously laid in Lord Street. The cables are 250 meters long, and therefore works to join them together at various locations will be required. No full road closures will be required to complete this work, but there will be temporary traffic management in place along Lord Street during this work. The road will be passable at all times.  We have asked our contractors to do all they can to minimise any disruption and to complete these works as swiftly as possible. 

22nd March 2019

We will be undertaking remedial works to the Dinant Link Road on Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th April and Saturday 13th April / Sunday 14th April.

On both occasions one side of the Dinant Link Road carriageway will remain open whilst the other carriage way is worked on. On both occasions there will be a diversion route in place which will be clearly signposted.

On Sunday afternoon the traffic management will be removed, and the road will be fully open.

28th February 2019

Lands Improvement and our contractors Breheny would like to thank all local residents for their patience and understanding whilst we progress with works to Lord Street to bring gas, electricity and a new sewer to the High Leigh Garden Village site. A copy of the letter we have recently sent to residents can be viewed here High Leigh Garden Village – February update

Refuse collections in February

We have been in contact with Broxbourne Borough Council regarding refuse collections during February when the closures on Lord Street are in place. They have confirmed that refuse will still be collected on Box Lane on a Thursday morning but before 9.30am. It may be prudent to put bins etc out the night before.

4th February 2019

As planned the closures to Lord Street will commence on the morning of the 4th February at 9.30am. More information on the closures including a map of the diversion route can be found in the post below.

January 2019

We would like to thank everybody who look to time to come along to our public exhibition yesterday. A copy of the exhibition boards in available for download here. Please note that whilst these state there will be 8 weeks of closures on Lord Street we have reduced this timeframe down to 4 weeks.

7th January 2018

We have send an additional letter to local residents ahead of the exhibition on the 14th. To view a copy of the letter please click here https://www.highleighgardenvillage.com/core/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Reminder-letter-for-HLGV-event.pdf

14th December 2018

We have written to local residents regarding our proposed works to Lord Street.

To download a copy of the letter please click here: High Leigh Garden Village – Update and Invitation
To download a copy of the associated plan please click here:  Traffic Management Plan Lord Street January 2019

We are holding a public exhibition in relation to the Lord Street works on Monday 14th January 2019 at High Leigh Conference Centre. This will be a drop in event open between 2.00pm and 8.00pm where information on the works will be on display and the Project Team will be on hand to answer your questions.

19th November 2018

We are looking to make the best use of the dry weather and are hoping to start the initial works for the substation access road during the week commencing 19th November. We are required by UK Power Networks to put this road in so that they can access the substation. We will only be working onsite during normal working hours and we anticipate that it will take approximately two weeks to complete the access road. The access road is contained entirely within the site and will not connect on to Lord Street.

13th November 2018

We are conducting some survey works in Lord Street. These will take place on the 13th, 14th and 15th November between 9.30am and 3.30pm and temporary traffic signals for one way traffic will be in place during this time. We thank you for your patience whilst we undertake these works.

26th October 2018

The resurfacing works to the Dinant Link Road junction are now complete.

October 2018

As you will be aware, during July we undertook works at night to re-surface the new junction. Unfortunately due to the unusually hot and dry weather the asphalt surface course that was laid has been adversely affected and HCC now requires us to undertake extensive remedial works.

We have determined that the best way forward would be to complete two further sets of night works to re-lay the road surface. Both sets of works will run for five nights starting at 20:00 as before, however, our intention is to conclude works by 01:00.

This will allow the road surface to cure and cool sufficiently by 05:00 when HCC will remove the traffic management and vehicles will begin to use the new surface. We understand that the HCC works to remove the Traffic Management will be the removal of traffic cones and A-frame signage, and we hope this will cause  little disturbance.

The first set of works will begin on Monday 15th October for 5 nights, followed by no night works over the weekend and then another five nights from the 22nd October. Broxbourne Borough Council has approved our s61 application to complete these works.

We apologise for the length and number of nights required, this is not a decision we have taken lightly, however the warmth of the weather was outside of our control and we now need to complete the work. The

Week Commencing 3rd September 2018

This week we will be starting the ground investigations for the southern part of High Leigh Garden Village. This is predominantly to assess the proposed route for the undergrounding of the UKPN overhead cables.

The investigations are scheduled to take up to 3 weeks onsite and should therefore be complete by the end of September.

In order for our contractors to complete these investigations they will be assessing the entire southern portion of High Leigh Garden Village site. We have been informed that our contractors will be using quad bikes and 4x4s onsite and as the site is covered by grass, we believe that dust generation should be negligible.  We will however monitor the situation during the works ensuring that vehicles travel at low speeds and along specific routes.

We understand from the contractor that there should be only limited noise generated by the works. Drilling and probing works are predominantly taking place along the alignment of the proposed cable route, which follows the boundary of the A10.  The programme for the drilling is set to begin during the second phase of works from around the 17th onwards.

We have been clear with our contractors that they must not access the site via Box Lane. We have made sure they have appropriate instructions to ensure they go directly to the site office to gain access onsite.

Week Commencing 21st August 2018

The new roundabout on the Dinant Link Road will be lit by permanent street lamps. In order to bring power to the street lights we will need to dig a 450mm wide trench, 750mm deep, to lay a continuous duct. Once the cables have been laid the trench will be back filled.

We have just received confirmation from UK Power Networks (UKPN) of their timeframe for the street lights to be operational in October. In order to meet their timeframe, we need to undertake the preliminary trench works next week. The works will be undertaken during normal working hours. They should take a maximum of a week to complete.

These works will take place between The Barns and the new roundabout. The works should not be dusty due to the recent rainfall, and dust suppression will be deployed if required. We will be using an 8T excavator and a forward tipping dumper to complete these works. There will be no hard breaking of the ground required and therefore should be limited noise or vibration generated.

August 2018

We have sourced a specialist tower light that runs on hydrogen fuel cells so has no generator and these will be installed this week, which will remove the noise from the generators. These lights will also be angled away from properties. The installation of the permanent lights will be completed soon.

Further topping and removal of weeds in the fields is scheduled to take place on Monday.

The asphalt surface course on the eastbound carriageway has been adversely affected by the recent hot weather and Hertfordshire County Council will require us to undertake some remedial works.

Moving forward Lands Improvement and Breheny will continue with the development as per the planning permission and in accordance with the construction management plan. We have sought to provide noise and light barriers between the current works and the immediate neighbours to mitigate concerns raised by residents.  We will continue to work to install mitigation measures to minimise the impact on local residents as we move forward with the wider development.

27th July 2018

Due to the very hot temperatures we have suspended resurfacing works to the new Dinant Link Road junction. Therefore the works planned for this evening will not go ahead. We will need to complete the surfacing of the junction in due course when the weather is cooler and we will write to you in advance of this. Dust suppression measures onsite and the acoustic barriers will continue to remain in place. 

We have instructed Acorn to undertake the topping of the fields and are just waiting for confirmation of a start date. We have also been clear to Acorn that they cannot access or park on Box Lane.

24th July 2018

Summary following BBC site visit :

The Development Management Services Team and Planning Compliance Officer at Broxbourne Borough Council visited the site on Wednesday 18th July. They noted that there were three water bowsers on site, two of which were in use at the time, operating in close proximity to works to dampen earth which might otherwise be dispersed.  There was no tanker on site, but the dirt tracks across the site had all been closed and deliveries were being made to site via a tarmac surfaced road situated on the northern side of the new roundabout.  They also noted that Breheny have ceased works to move the large spoil heap from the south side of the site across the Dinant Link Road until such time as the dry weather has broken and this can be undertaken without creating so much dust.  Following that site inspection and subject to the arrangements put in place, the Council confirmed that they would be taking no action.

With regards to construction traffic using Box Lane, BBC confirmed that they are satisfied that steps have been taken to resolve the breach and accordingly will not be taking any action at this time.

Site Related Concerns & Responses 

We have collated responses from the contractor and the developer and provided below a list of the issues raised and the response / action taken on comments received on the project.

Concern raised : Dust


  • – Water bowsers are onsite to suppress the dust which is in accordance with our Construction Management Plan.
  • – Dust suppression is in use by Breheny.
  • – The unprecedented hot weather and prolonged dry spell which is undermining our efforts to suppress the dust – but suppression is in use onsite and will remain so for the duration of the works.
  • – Suspension of vehicle movement and works to the Southern round-about area until the surfaced road is ready.
  • – BBC have visited the site and confirmed that there has been no breach of planning control

Concern Raised: Construction Traffic


  • – Signage has been placed on the entrance to Box Lane to make it clear that construction traffic should not use the lane.
  • –  All those visiting the site have been told not to try and access the site Via Lord Street and Box Lane.
  • – We will also look to put additional signage on Lord Street to reinforce this point.
  • – We have asked the contractor to remove the postcode from all instructions given to contractors or suppliers travelling to the site and they have been instructed to call the site office before they exit the A10.
  •  – We will undertake a survey of the current state of Box Lane.
  • – We have further explored options for gates to Box Lane. At present we are concerned that a manual gate will be left open and therefore not serve its purpose, whilst an electric gate would require maintenance in perpetuity, an arrangement which would need a legal agreement.
  • – Whilst the construction traffic using the Dinant Link Road to undertake works to the junction will cease once works are complete, in the future there will be construction traffic using the road as the development of High Leigh Garden Village continues.

Concern Raised: Lighting Impact


  • – With regards to the spot lights on the roundabout we have enquired with the contractor about options however in order for the lights to provide the necessary level of light to the new road layout, hooding them (which would decrease their impact) is not allowed.
  • – We are presently exploring other options.
  • – For the week of the night works (w/c 23rd July), an acoustic barrier is in place which will also act as a temporary light barrier.
  • – From then on a plastic covering will be put on the fence panels facing The Barns which will act as a noise and light barrier.

Concern Raised : Planting


  • – The planting undertaken to date has been in accordance with our approved planting plan.
  •  – A review of planting has been undertaken by our arboriculturalist in June.
  • – We are aware that some planting does need replacing, but we have been advised by our consultant to wait until the next planting window (September onwards) before undertaking any further works.
  • – The reason for this is that planting later in the year improves the chance of the plants successfully establishing themselves.
  • – We will write to update residents on the replacement planting prior to planting being undertaken.
  • – There was a pile of green waste that was left on land to the South of High Leigh Farm House which has restricted the growth of new plants here and we have organised for its removal.

Concern Raised: Considerate contractors


  • – We have provided a single point of communication for residents.
  •  – There is a freephone and email address where Lands Improvement can be contacted, and this has been on all published materials – 0800 232 1794 / info@highleighgardenvillage.com
  • – The project website has been kept regularly updated – www.highleighgardenvillage.com
  • – Local Councillors and Officers at Broxbourne Borough Council have also been kept updated.
  • – We understand the concerns over the weeds and ragwort and will ask our environmental consultants to look at the best course of action.
  • – The fields will be topped as part of the land management plan which will also remove all weeds.

Concern Raised : Noise Levels


  • – Acoustic barriers have been put in place for the night works.
  • – Industry standard silencers are on all machinery.
  • – Additional acoustic covering is being applied to the fence panels facing The Barns which will act as a noise and light barrier.
  • – Noise levels are also being regularly monitored.
  • – Generators are a temporary measure to supply the temporary lights on the new roundabout.
  • – We have asked the contractor to look at screening these to reduce the noise further.

Concern Raised: Working Times onsite


  • – We have sought to reduce the length of the works as much as possible.
  • – We have also done all the work we can during daytime hours as per the planning permission.
  • – For health and safety reasons some works have required a full road closure which Hertfordshire County Council will only allow us to undertake between 8pm and 5am.
  • – We have submitted S61 Control of Pollution Act 1974 applications to Broxbourne Borough Council and have had their approval prior to commencing with the night works.
  • – We have informed residents and Councillors in advance of night works starting.
  • – We have been clear with our contractor that they must only work within the agreed working times onsite.

Concern Raised: Bramble Lane Closure


  • – Bramble Lane has been temporarily closed whilst works are underway.
  • – Bramble Lane will be resurfaced following the completion of works.
  • – This closure was publicised in advance, approval was given by Broxbourne Borough Council.

We now need to complete a final set of night works to the junction between the 23rd and 28th July. As with the previous night works we have sought to minimise the number of nights and the length of time these take.

The work will be to resurface the existing highway and the new junction. We will complete as much of this work as we can during normal working hours. However for health and safety reasons parts of the resurfacing require a full road closure which Hertfordshire County Council will only allow us to undertake between 8pm and 5am.

We will do all that we can to minimise any disruption on both evenings, including putting up acoustic barriers and using industry standard silencers on machinery. Noise levels will also be regularly monitored. We appreciate that concerns have been raised about dust generation and we are using water bowsers onsite to suppress the dust which is in accordance with our Construction Management Plan. Dust suppression is in constant use whilst we prepare the central reservation area for the surfacing. We will suspend all other works to the Southern round-about area this week and wait until we can use the surfaced road as a running area next week.

In June a review of the planting was undertaken. We have been advised by our arboriculture consultant that we should wait until the next planting window which is September onwards before undertaking any further works. The reason for this is that planting later in the year improves the chance of the plants successfully establishing themselves.

June 2018

Works to all construction area’s are now well underway, earthworks, drainage and kerbing are complete to phases 1 and 2, with the first road surfacing visit booked for week commencing June 18th, this will divert traffic onto the offline sections of the new roundabouts and in turn will allow for the completion of the central reservation link road.

Re-surfacing and traffic signal works are booked in for late July, ensuring that all works remain on programme to be completed by late August.

April 2018

We will be undertaking works to the junction over the coming Saturdays as required. This is within the agreed working hours onsite, however we have so far tried to avoid weekends where possible. We are keen to catch up time lost due to the weather, but we will limit the hours on a Saturday to between 8am until 1pm.

In accordance with the notices published around the site the Bramble Lane bridleway will be closed from the 8th May to allow for development works. The bridleway will remain closed for a period of 6 months.

We will also be undertaking night works on the 30th April. We will be putting up acoustic barriers to dampen the noise levels and will complete these works as speedily as possible. This work will be in accordance with our Section 61 application that was recently approved by Broxbourne Borough Council.

We will also be updating some ecological surveys onsite over the coming weeks, and we have advised our contractors not to use Box Lane to access the site.

March 2018
Work has now commenced on the upgrades to the Dinant Link Road Junction.

We are also undertaking some works on trees located close to properties South of Hertford Road, and the A10. We will also be completing works to a number of trees adjacent to Hoddesdon Bowls Club. These works are required in order to allow us to lay utilities and drainage connections to the site.

February 2018

Lands Improvement will be undertaking works to upgrade the Dinant Link Road Junction with the A10 to facilitate the future access to the High Leigh Garden Village. These works will be undertaken prior to the start of any new homes being built onsite.

There will also be works being undertaken during this period to construct a Sustainable Urban Drainage Pond to the North of the Dinant Link Road and to lay utilities to the site.

Work on the junction will begin in early March and will continue until the Autumn. It will be necessary to make the Dinant Link Road  single carriageway whilst some of the works are completed. There will be traffic management in place during this time.

There will also be works being undertaken during this period to construct a Sustainable Urban Drainage Pond to the North of the Dinant Link Road and to lay utilities to the site.

We will endeavor to complete this work as efficiently and swiftly as possible to minimise disruption. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

January 2018

Under the existing planning permission Hertfordshire County Council have the option to deliver a two form entry primary school onsite and to relocate Westfield Primary School. They are consulting on this proposal until 27th February and more information is available at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/consultations.

We will be keeping this page regularly updated so please do check back for updates.

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