The number of households in Broxbourne is projected to grow by around 300 a year, suggesting a need for over 3,100 new homes between 2011 and 2021. The main reasons for this growth are people living longer and changes in lifestyle choices and living preferences.

Owing to the constrained nature of Broxbourne and the fact that all land outside the existing urban area is Green Belt, meeting housing and other development needs inevitably means a need to build on what is currently Green Belt land.

Broxbourne Borough Council’s draft Core Strategy 2010 identified a West Hoddesdon Area of Search, centred on High Leigh Garden Village, to assist in meeting housing needs. The approach of releasing land from the Green Belt, and the area of search, was endorsed by the independent Inspector who examined the Core Strategy.

In addition nearly half of the housing in Hoddesdon is made up of flats, whilst detached and semidetached housing makes up only 34% of the housing stock. HLGV provides the opportunity to deliver desperately needed family accommodation with 88% of the homes proposed being detached and semi-detached houses, helping to address the imbalance at Hoddesdon and to provide more, larger family housing for the community.

Without further new homes:

  • cost of housing in the area will continue to rise;
  • more and more people will be unable to meet their housing needs in the market and will be in need of affordable housing;
  • local people will be forced to move away from area; and
  • people will commute further and further distances to work, often by car so contributing to climate change.